Epson looks to raise business awareness around triple-bottom-line benefits of inkjet printing

This week, Epson has launched “It’s your choice” – a campaign reflecting the company’s view that businesses across Europe have a choice to make when it comes to printing technology. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the triple-bottom-line benefits of inkjet printing, and how the choice of business printing technology has an impact on the wider environment and society.

Despite industry tests and analysis showing that inkjet printing technology far surpasses laser in terms of performance, this is not yet fully realised by many organisations across Europe. As sustainability and the future of society rises high on the corporate agenda, and non-financial reporting becomes a priority, inkjet printing technology can have a significant and positive effect on eco-efficiency and the productivity of our workforce.

As such, Epson believes businesses need to better understand the realities of inkjet versus laser and are invited to take a 2-minute interactive quiz [survey link] that will shine a light on these realities. Try it – the facts might surprise you.

More information on Epson’s commitment to inkjet can be found in this release [link to investment release].


Did you know that the workplace technology you choose can change the future? It can have a big impact on the environment, the way you work and more...

Even your choice of more underestimated workplace technologies – such as the printer – can really make an impact. When faced with the reality of inkjet versus laser, what would you choose?

The realities may surprise you:

WASTE: Inkjet produces up to 99% less waste than laser 1

ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Inkjet consumes 96% less energy than laser 2

SPEED: Inkjet is up to 3.5X faster than laser 3

PRODUCTIVITY: Inkjets reduce time spent on interventions by up to 98% compared to laser 4

CO2: Inkjet produces up to 92% less CO2 than laser 5 

Industry reports, tests and comparisons are showing what we have long believed: inkjet is surpassing other technologies, in terms of performance and efficiency. While printing remains an important part of our lives – at work and at home – companies that choose to invest in inkjet can achieve up to 99% less waste, 96% less energy consumption, and 98% reduced maintenance and intervention time[1]. Inkjet innovations are directly addressing the needs of businesses today and as a result we’re seeing a shift from laser to inkjet within the European business printing market.

Businesses are beginning to see real financial, environmental and societal benefits thanks to this technology.

Beyond office-based printing, inkjet technology has proved its flexibility as market needs change and is re-shaping entire market segments including fashion and decor textile printing, packaging and wide format signage printing, and enabling short run production processes while reducing costs and waste.

[1] Research conducted by BLI, 2017


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